David, an IT Contractor, searched through a lot of Chartered Accountancy firms in Canary Wharf, Docklands, East London area, having left an umbrella company, says "...having looked at a number of accountants in the area I had a good gut feeling with the RBS guys.....I am very impressed with the overall service I'm receiving....". Due to a high number of requests, finally, a new branch has now been opened in the West End of London, Marble Arch W1 area.

RBS Chartered Accountants - services for subcontractors and freelancers
At RBS Chartered Accountants, subcontractors and freelancers make up a sizeable portion of our client base, and we understand the particular challenges tax, VAT, IR35 and HMRC brings. You are probably working alone, dedicated to your business and making the maximum possible profit. Every hour spent filling in forms and dealing with HMRC means less time spent with clients - and on the things you really want to do. The good news is that when they start working with RBS Chartered Accountants, our subcontractor and freelancer clients frequently find (along with more free time, peace of mind and the end of the terror of missed deadlines) they actually save money.

RBS Chartered Accountants - IR35 compliance for subcontractors and freelancers

RBS Chartered Accountants offers a host of services to make life easier for subcontractors and freelancers. We’ll start with an informal chat, with no commitment, seeing if we can work together, getting a feel for the shape and structure of your business. Could you be working better or smarter? Could you be making greater profits? We’ll check that you’ve made proper provision for all contingencies. Do you have adequate insurance against the failure of your business or your health? Can somebody take the helm while you’re sick or on holiday? We’ll ensure you’re fully compliant with IR35 legislation - making certain that HMRC views you as a bona fide self-employed contractor or freelancer.

RBS Chartered Accountants - bookkeeping and accounts for subcontractors and freelancers

And of course we’ll take care of the basics. RBS Chartered Accountants will set up a bookkeeping system that serves you as a subcontractor and freelancer, and which is easy to use inhouse. This can vastly simplify the preparation of VAT and year-end accounts and remove the fear of getting it wrong for HMRC. We can even take care of bookkeeping for you, and will prepare VAT returns, tax returns and year-end accounts from your figures - all you need do is check and sign. Online filing, meanwhile, will remove the paper mountain from your home office. Give RBS Chartered Accountants a call now, to discuss how we can take your business as a subcontractor or freelancer to the next stage.

Summary of areas we can help you with?

  • Advise on IR35 and its implication on your business venture
  • Assist in forming a limited company with your chosen name
  • Deal with all form filling and registrations with appropriate bodies
  • Introducing you to a bank in order to open a business account
  • Establishing your payroll
  • Deciding on a salary level and share split for your company
  • Registration for VAT, if applicable, and advising on a suitable VAT scheme
  • Advising you of the most efficient way to extract other funds from your company
  • Help with the ongoing compliance work see the section - Traditional Services

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