I am not local ... can I still use RBS Chartered Accountants?

Absolutely. We have clients from all over the UK, but with email, teleconferencing and the ability to quickly move documents online, we can easily deal with clients remotely. In fact, many of our clients prefer not to spend time traveling to our offices. We always welcome a visit of course, and we think it's useful in the early days when we are getting a feel for your business, but it's entirely up to you.


I've never used an accountant, and have no idea how much it will cost

An understandable concern. We'll talk to you, see what level of service you require, get to understand your business and then we can supply an estimate. Our first consultation is always free in any event. We prefer to offer a fixed fee, rather than charging you by the hour or the day, as this way you feel comfortable about calling us if you have any questions. It also makes it much easier for you to budget each month.


Can I park near your offices?

There is secure parking right next to the RBS Chartered Accountants offices. Just let us know you need a parking space for your visit. South Quay Station, on the Docklands Light Railway, is just 50 metres from our front door, and Canary Wharf Underground station is three minutes' walk away.


Why use a Chartered Accountant?

Anybody can call themselves an 'accountant', irrespective of experience or training. A 'chartered accountant', however, must undergo at least three years' training in a company or organisation authorised by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW). They will have passed rigorous exams in business strategy, taxation, auditing, financial management and IT. Using a chartered accountant, such as RBS, means you're assured of the highest professional and ethical standards.


Isn't it just a matter of doing the books?

The chartered accountants at RBS are, of course, experts in book-keeping and ensuring your business adheres to the demands of the taxman. However, the job of a good chartered accountant goes far beyond this, including business strategy and management accounting. Our job is twofold: to ensure your company complies with tax legislation, and to help you develop and grow.


How do I know if RBS is the right chartered accountant for my business?

A good question, as your relationship with your chartered accountant is very much a partnership. RBS Chartered Accountants deals with everyone from sole traders to large companies, and in a variety of industries. We think we probably have the right person on our team to deal with your accounts, but the first thing you should do is arrange a meeting with us. There is no charge and no obligation, and you will be able to decide whether we can work together. We would always advise you speak to at least three potential accountants before you make your choice.


What should I do before I appoint a chartered accountant?

Draw up a schedule of your current accounting and book-keeping practices. Think too about where the financial weaknesses are in your current practice, and what help you expect from your accountant. Ask us what we can do to make your company work more efficiently. The more information you can give us, the more quickly we can establish a suggested plan of action. This, too, will help you decide whether RBS Chartered Accountants is the right partner for your company.


Can you help me with financial advice?

RBS Chartered Accountants has its own Independent Financial Adviser, who can help you with disinterested advice on planning for you and your family's changing financial needs, such as pension planning and life assurance.