Self-assessment tax returns - how RBS Chartered Accountants can be your guide

HMRC seems to load ever more responsibility onto us each year, and increasing numbers of us have to fill in our own self-assessment tax return each year. But with the help of RBS Chartered Accountants, what can seem a daunting task can be made simple. And with our wealth of experience in advising clients of every type - some are employed and paying tax through PAYE, others are self-employed, or operate as partnerships or limited companies – we can assure your affairs are as tax-efficient as possible, whatever your situation.

Self-assessment tax returns - RBS Chartered Accountants helps you minimise your tax liability

RBS Chartered Accountants will give you advise and guidance on registering for self-assessment. And we’ll make the whole business easier – offering advice on setting up rock-solid home systems for financial management and book keeping. It means that when the time comes to complete your self assessment tax return, you will find the information at your fingertips. We will advise you on ways to minimise your tax liability, and give you advice on claiming any tax rebates due to you. You never know – HMRC may owe you interest on late repayment of tax.

Self-assessment tax returns - advice on what’s best for you

Throughout, our policy at RBS Chartered Accountants is to shift the burden of compliance with tax from your shoulders to ours. The important thing is ensuring that nothing slips through the net – our experts will ask you all the necessary questions to ensure your self-assessment tax returns are completed correctly, on time and online.