What is Cloud Accounting?

Cloud accounting technology is in fact very similar to traditional desktop based software except that it is hosted on a remote server. Information is remotely sent, processed and stored on the software suppliers’ server so it’s kept securely off site. This solution is usually subscription based and customers can upgrade their plan as their business grows to meet higher demands. 

Key Benefits

  • Access to real time data from anywhere using any device with internet connection. Financial information is updated automatically once data is added therefore real-time financial reporting is possible, helping management decisions. 

  • Multiple users can access software from anywhere remotely knowing that they are using the same software version as their colleagues. Employees could be in different branches or departments but use the same synced data. 

  • Peace of mind knowing that maintenance and updates to the software are managed by the provider not the consumer. No need to buy expensive hardware & licences or have IT staff hence saving a small fortune.

  • Not forgetting that data is always backed up in multiple server locations therefore backup discs and drives become obsolete.

  • Seamless delivery of information when faced with multi-currencies or multi-company transactions. 

  • High level of encryption and password protection means your data is held in a secured environment, access given only to authorised personnel. No more worries about losing your laptop with sensitive information! 

  • Often subscription is provided on a monthly basis with no minimum term.

How can RBSCA help?

Here at RBSCA we hold licences to handle a number of solutions, please see links to some of our providers below. Once familiar with a client’s needs we’ll be able to suggest a system depending on your budget and type of business you run.

For new businesses starting a fresh licence is as easy as 123. For established businesses using traditional desktop software we plan ahead to ensure a smooth migration capturing sensitive data so information is kept intact and make sure everything runs smoothly.

Many business owners who started using Cloud Accounting have reported that they are running their businesses much more efficiently than before, and manage to make informed management decisions much quicker than the past. These efficiencies have also led to cost savings in various areas thus increasing their profits.

Please get in touch with us if you would like to follow in the footsteps of these successful businessmen.


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