It’s one of the most vital things we can do as taxable individuals, and just as important as making a will. Yet most of us neglect the crucial area of estate planning and trusts. This is all about ensuring that as much of the wealth you've accrued during your lifetime of hard work goes to your family and dependents - and as little as possible to the taxman. A little judicious planning can save you and yours considerable amounts of money. Here at RBS Accountants in London Docklands, we've been advising individuals and companies for many years on estate and succession planning. Our many happy clients will attest that the money they spend on our fees is repaid many times over in their future wealth.

First, the expert tax accountants at RBS will sit down with you and look at your current provision. We'll help you to plan your will or review it (many of us are relying on old and out-of-date wills). We'll examine how you can minimise your tax through transfers between family members. We'll look at whether putting money or property into trust is the right option for you. We'll ensure you're making the fullest use of lower tax rates and exemptions on lifetime transfers. We'll even put you in touch with an advisor in order to arrange sufficient life assurance to cover any possible liabilities for inheritance tax.

Estate and inheritance tax planning is certainly complex and shouldn't be left to the individual. But in the hands of our experts, who deal with cases like yours every day, things become much easier. Here at RBS Accountants we've been helping individuals and companies - both big, small and fast growing - for decades now. Whatever your situation it’s certain to be one we've encountered before. Working together with you, we can take the headache out of planning the future of your estate. Allowing you to relax in the knowledge that the future is taken care of.