Computers are an integral part of modern business life. As a Firm we take advantage of many of the benefits that can be derived from using Information Technology in a focused and controlled manner. The changes that we have all experienced over the last 5 years are extraordinary and likely to continue but are you making the most of the technology available to help run your business? Our considerable experience and first hand knowledge of IT solutions applied in many different circumstances and business organisations makes us uniquely placed to provide impartial and valuable advice in this area.

We are experts on SAGE, the leading accounts package for small and medium sized businesses, Quickbooks used by many individuals and smaller concerns and IRIS, a program favoured by a vast number of professionals. You can benefit from our in depth knowledge of these and other accounting products.

We can also provide advice and assistance on:-

  • The planning and financing of IT capital expenditure
  • Tax incentives and allowances related to IT
  • Training in accounting and common office software
  • Systems reviews
  • Spreadsheet and database applications
  • Bureau services – Payroll