Management accounts - Invaluable information to help you grow your business

If traditional accounting is about looking back and keeping the books and records straight, modern management accounts is all about looking forward, yielding a wealth of information to help your business grow. Both disciplines are crucial to the effective running and development of the modern business - yet too many companies neglect the extraordinarily fruitful area of management accounts. The discipline of management accounts has radically changed the possibilities for the modern business. Today’s companies have a wealth of information unimaginable a generation ago, with software and the internet making it possible, at the click of a mouse, to learn huge amounts about your competitors ... and about your own business.

Management accounts - Helping you develop a strategy for your business

Too many companies simply do business, without ever stepping back to consider how their business is running, what could be done better, and what opportunities are being missed. But with RBS Chartered Accountants as your partner, you will have access to systems that will allow you to closely monitor what your competition is doing, and to continually refine and change the way you do business. A solid management accounts policy will allow you to take a strategic view of your operation - frequently we find that the areas consuming most of our clients’ energies are not the ones yielding the greatest profit. For many of our clients at RBS Chartered Accountants, the data and ideas we produce are revelatory, giving the people who run the business more control and allowing them to become more profitable.

Let RBS Chartered Accountants set up management accounts systems for you

RBS Chartered Accountants will set up management accounts systems for you, taking care of your bookkeeping and using the information gleaned to prepare monthly management accounts reports. We can prepare financial reports specifically tailored either for your own management and people, or for investors. We will simplify and refine the whole business of harvesting information, designing and implementing computer systems for you to use in house; we will even train you and your people to use them. We will conduct internal audits of your business, work with you to construct a coherent and forward-looking business strategy, and help you to monitor your spending and financial controls. Fail to implement a proper management accounts system and you’re failing to make the most of your business. Let RBS Chartered Accountants work with you to help your company grow.