Tax planning is all about taking the long view, while keeping pace with the ever-changing legislation and demands by the Inland Revenue. Long-suffering individuals and businesses could be forgiven for thinking that the challenge is just too great. But that’s exactly why so many people choose to go with London Docklands based RBS Accountants. Our decades of experience, with individuals and businesses both small and large, and across all business sectors, give us a unique insight. And we can transform tax planning from a costly chore into an invaluable investment in your future.

Whatever your tax planning demands or challenges, here at RBS Accountants, we're certain to have encountered your situation before. And that means we're perfectly placed not just to minimise your tax liabilities and to grow your wealth, but to make the whole process as painless and seamless as possible. Our first task is to sit down with you, with no obligation on your part, and see whether we can work together. We'll identify weaknesses and strengths in your current tax planning, and demonstrate how we can save and make you money. We'll identify unexploited areas of tax relief, allowing you to invest more in your future, your family’s and that of your business.

Whether it’s income tax, capital gains tax (CGT) or inheritance tax; tax issues for non-domiciled individuals or questions arising from immigration or emigration; or tax issues regarding trusts and estates, the hugely experienced tax specialists at RBS Accountants will demystify the Revenue’s jargon and come up with a simple plan of action. We'll devise a strategy that works for you. And we'll work with you - taking care of the detail and setting up expert foolproof systems that allow you to relax and concentrate on what you do best: working on and developing your business and personal wealth.