Our traditional services include: year-end accounts, bookkeeping, VAT and payroll services.

At RBS Chartered Accountants, we offer a full range of traditional accountancy services; addressing the financial and business issues that every business faces on a daily basis. Below are some of our key services, but as there isn’t space to list them all, please feel free to call us to discuss your unique needs. 

Keeping your accounts up-to-date

If you’re not an expert mathematician or just hate the administration involved, keeping accurate accounts may stress you out. There’s absolutely no need for this, though. We are experts in all aspects of accounting, bookkeeping and VAT, and our aim is to make the financial side of your business as easy, efficient and painless as possible. We will:

  • Ensure that you meet payment and tax deadlines
  • Check that your business is compliant with ever-changing government legislation
  • Help you fill in relevant forms correctly
  • File documentation to Companies House on your behalf
  • Identify trends within your business and help you plan for the future
  • Help to insulate you against loss, while boosting your income
  • Ensure all the necessary tax has been paid

This will give you the time to concentrate on growing your business.

Balancing the books

If you want to take care of bookkeeping and VAT yourself, we can give you the necessary tools and training to do so. Most of our clients, however, leave this part of the business in our capable hands because we know exactly what we’re doing and we do it well. Our bookkeeping and VAT services include:

  • Making sure your financial records are current and accurate
  • Recording every transaction your business makes
  • Completing sales, nominal and purchase ledgers
  • Reconciling your bank accounts
  • Preparing VAT returns
  • Providing short-term bookkeeping cover during times of illness or holidays

Getting PAYE rolling

Small payroll errors can be costly and time-consuming to fix, so it’s worth getting it right from the off. At RBS Chartered Accountants we are experienced in all aspects of payroll procedure and it’s something we can easily take off your hands. We will: 

  • Calculate how each employee should be paid and ensure this is done on time
  • Generate and dispatch payslips
  • Work out how much tax and national insurance must be paid
  • Provide all year-end requirements including P60s and P11Ds
  • Prepare and file your annual payroll returns online

It needn’t be so taxing

At RBS Chartered Accountants, we deal with all things tax-related, including value-added tax (VAT), corporation tax and the dreaded self-assessment tax return. Although it is your legal responsibility to ensure that tax is paid and accurate records are kept, we can take over the workload. 

  • Corporation tax. We can help you to anticipate tax issues before they become problems and minimise your corporation tax liabilities.
  • Self-assessment tax returns. We will help you to register for self-assessment and make sure you have all the information at your fingertips so that you, or we, can fill it in effectively. We will help you to minimise your tax liability and claim any tax rebates that may be due.
  • VAT. We can advise you on whether you need to be registered for VAT and which items are VAT-able. We will ensure you pay exactly the right amount of VAT and keep you updated about Budget changes and other legislation that might affect your VAT duties.