RBS Accountants - Help with starting your own business 

There are a dozen reasons people start a business - a great idea, a gap in the market, a desire to be their own boss and start reaping the rewards of their experience. Or perhaps you have been made redundant and have decided to work for yourself. But be honest - the one reason you didn't have for starting your own business was because you love compiling accounts. At RBS Accountants we work with multinational companies and small family firms, with plcs and sole traders. Each started as somebody's idea, somebody's dream. Over 40 years of working with business startups, we've amassed a wealth of experience and knowledge. We'll ensure your new business meets all the demands of HMRC and that your accounts are produced on time. But we can do a lot more, helping your fledgling business thrive and grow.

RBS Accountants - Business start-up advice
RBS Accountants will help you decide the best set-up for your business: limited company, sole trader or a partnership. We can help with advice on setting up franchises, we can set up a limited company for you, even help you decide on a name; we'll deal with share allocation, the Memorandum and Articles of Association. We'll complete the registration with Companies House and HMRC and advise whether to register for VAT. We'll help you complete your quarterly VAT returns, deal with payroll and complete your accounts. RBS Accountants will help set up a book-keeping and recording system for internal use in your new business and to comply with the demands of HMRC. Our accountancy services are transparent and sensibly priced - you only pay for the services you need, and we will tailor a package to suit your business and budget.

RBS Accountants - Helping you with your business start-up
Just as important is helping your start-up company to grow. This is where RBS Accountant's 40 years of experience pays dividends. Now your business start-up is up and running, we can work with you on your business plan (crucial to securing bank funding). We'll advise on your projections of cash flow, budgets and trading forecasts. How realistic is your business plan? Are there fundamentals you have missed? Is your business startup adequately funded? Many great business ideas founder not because the concept was flawed but because of cash flow. RBS Accountants will see you through those crucial early stages and we'll hopefully be with you for years to come.