Like it or not, as a business the responsibility for getting your corporation tax accounting and returns right rests squarely with you. As the Revenue increases the reporting demands on businesses - as well as the financial penalties for getting your figures wrong - it becomes ever more important to have real experts in your corner when you're dealing with your corporation tax affairs. For a growing number of companies, that means putting things in the hands of RBS Accountants. We are a London Docklands based accountancy practice specialising in corporation tax for companies of all sizes: small, medium, large, and fast growing.

Whilst it’s easy for the experts to get corporation tax right it can be a minefield for business owners trying to juggle their corporation tax return with the important stuff of the company - dealing with existing customers, developing new ones and growing your sales. That’s why so many business owners let RBS Accountants take care of their corporation tax affairs while they focus on the business itself. We free you up from the tangle of red tape, allowing you to invest your time in your company - not on completing corporation tax returns.

Think of it as an investment in your company, rather than simply an expense. With our years of experience in corporation tax affairs, we help smooth the whole process, working with you on your systems and accounting practices, and helping your anticipate tax issues before they become problems. And RBS Accountants will work with you not just to make the process less painful but to minimise your corporation tax liabilities - so saving you money. Employing RBS Accountants to get to grips with your corporation tax responsibilities could be the best investment in your business this year.