Tax investigation insurance from RBS Chartered Accountants

Now that HMRC no longer needs a specific reason to launch an inquiry into your tax affairs, the number of investigations is at an all time high and looks certain to increase further. HMRC each year selects accounts at random for a closer look - and sooner or later it’s likely to be you. Tax investigations can quickly get expensive of course. That’s why RBS Chartered Accountants recommends that all of our clients - whether individuals, limited companies or partnerships – should have investigation insurance.

Tax investigation insurance - avoiding unexpected fees

We offer our tax investigation insurance through CCH, the foremost provider of fee protection insurance in the UK. CCH itself reports that claims rose 60 per cent from December 2008 to December 2009, and that since April 2009, cross tax enquiries are becoming standard procedure. It means HMRC extending its inquiries into all of your tax affairs - and that can swiftly become time consuming and costly. RBS Chartered Accountants can resolve the inquiry of course, and with tax investigation insurance as an affordable business expense, you can ensure that there won’t be nasty financial surprises in store.

Tax investigation insurance from the major UK provider of fee protection insurance

RBS Accountants’ tax investigation insurance covers you against the costs of dealing with a full inquiry by HMRC. And it’s fully comprehensive - covering you against Tax, VAT and PAYE disputes, whether you’re an individual, partnership or limited company. It gives you unlimited access to a business support helpline, with advice on employment law, health and safety, landlord/tenant disagreements and commercial legal issues, as well as cover against ‘cross tax’ inquiries. And, with our fee protection insurance being provided by CCH, Britain’s major provider of tax investigation insurance, you have the reassurance of a major name on your side. So it’s not a question of whether you can afford tax investigation insurance from RBS Chartered Accountants ... but can you afford to be without it?