RBS Chartered Accountants - handling your payroll for you

Whether you’re a small business or a multinational operation, running a payroll can be a costly and time-consuming business, and fraught with difficulties. Small errors in putting together your payroll can be hugely expensive and time consuming to put right - and there is the knock-on effect on staff morale and motivation should things go wrong. And let’s face it, you didn’t go into business to work on payrolls did you? Many of our clients at RBS Chartered Accountants feel the same way, which is why so many of them now delegate the difficult but essential business of running the weekly or monthly payroll to us.

RBS Chartered Accountants - cost-effective payroll services

Business and payroll doesn’t get any simpler, and the ever-changing landscape of employment taxation makes it tough for any but the experts to keep up. At RBS Chartered Accountants we spend our lives in the minutiae of tax and payroll. We take the administrative weight from your shoulders and, because we are specialists, we are able to offer an extremely cost-effective service. You’ll find our payroll services surprisingly affordable - not only will they save you money, they’ll free you up to work better at your business. And by being able to plan more effectively, you’ll find your business runs more efficiently.

Use an accountant to run your payroll and save time, money and resources

By handing over the running of your payroll to RBS Chartered Accountants, you liberate time, people, resources and money which can then be dedicated to the core activities of your business. Not only will we free up your time and resources, and give you back peace of mind, we’ll allow you to focus on growing your business further. We ensure we get all the necessary information from you to calculate pay process your payroll and generate and dispatch all your payslips and summaries. We will tell you how much tax and national insurance to be paid for each month in plenty of time for you to make payment. We can also file your annual payroll return online, making you eligible for a government rebate. When it comes to payroll, it makes sense to leave it to the experts at RBS Chartered Accountants.