It’s probably the biggest single headache for individuals and small or medium-sized businesses: the request by HM Revenue & Customs to open your books to a tax investigation. Even those of us with nothing to hide find the procedure stressful and anxiety inducing. And there’s always the lingering worry that we haven't dotted every ‘i’ and crossed every ‘t’ in our book-keeping. The worry is compounded by the fact that these days HMRC is conducting far more investigations on a sample basis, picking companies at random. Even though you have nothing to hide, you will still be embroiled in time-consuming meetings and explanations. It’s one very good reason so many businesses and individuals are entrusting their tax affairs to London Docklands based RBS Accountants.

Our expert accountants at RBS will suggest a host of ways to minimise the impact of an HMRC investigation. To begin with, we recommend annual insurance to all our clients. This can cover the financial cost of the additional accountancy work involved, and allow you to devolve this time consuming and expensive process to the experts. We provide a welcome buffer against unexpected fees, offering tax investigation insurance through CCH, the top UK provider of fee protection insurance. Then we'll deal with the Revenue every step of the way, drawing on years of experience with clients of all sizes and in all lines of business. Whatever your situation, it’s certain to be one we've encountered before at RBS Accountants.

Planning is everything of course, and from our first meeting we'll be working with you to ensure your financial affairs are as efficient as they can be, with simple, easy-to-maintain systems taking the time and hassle out of financial planning and record keeping. And if the worst does happen, and you discover you are to be the subject of an HMRC investigation, the people at RBS Accountants will be there with assistance and support - whether it’s an investigation into P11D compliance or PAYE, or an inquiry into individual self assessment. Getting RBS Accountants on your side could be the best insurance you ever buy.

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